Wild Leadership Training


Wild Leadership Training


Leadership Secrets That Are Hidden From Humanity…

Experience The Complete Fulfillment Of Your Life’s Purpose By Awakening Your True Potential To Embody Inner Mastery


“JuanPa will teach you and open doors where society, parents, the school system, or life has closed them.”

Dear Friend,

Imagine there’s no limit to fulfilling what you’re called to do on Earth. . .


The people seeking my guidance often reveal these challenges:

Their purpose is clear. . . the steps to achieving it are not

They’ve felt their inner power

Read about a person’s life-transforming results

Seen seemingly natural leaders execute their vision with clarity

So what are the missing pieces to embodying their full potential?


I Will Teach You How To Achieve 2x The Results You Crave With HALF The Effort!

Do you feel that. . .

You know the Universe’s EXACT purpose for you and inspire people grappling with society’s expectations…

 Yet you know there are deeper layers to unveil

You are 100% committed to your purpose and your external reality’s abundance reflects that…

Yet even if you fully achieve it, you will be exhausted spiritually, mentally, and physically!

You scrutinize where every second of your time is invested daily and learn constantly…

Yet can’t break the threshold of 100% optimization for your purpose!

You invest countless hours of time and resources, travel further and further to absorb the wisdom of great teachers…

Yet still await the secrets of the universe to be revealed!

You meditate to be more present with yourself and the world…

Yet still feel distant!

You KNOW There Is More To Be Done. . .

And It’s EATING You Up Inside!

You know your message is powerful.

You’ve seen it EXPLODE out of you and ignite a flame within people sleepwalking through life.

And as satisfying as it is to awaken hundreds… even thousands… your purpose will not be fulfilled until you impact the WORLD!

So how do you UNLEASH your absolute highest self?

Let Me Teach You A Simple Holistic METHOD To Complete & Total Mastery Over Everything In Your Life In Just 8 Days!

No matter how much…

Money you’ve earned,
Titles you possess, or
Time you have…

No matter how many…

Affirmations you speak,
Mindset shifts you make, or
Knowledge you acquire…

…to walk your path to success…

You Must FULLY Embody The Leader Within!

Every muscle on your bones.
Every neuron in your brain.
Every ounce of your soul.

Wild Leadership Training has changed my life forever

This is how I have decided to live my life from now on – connecting with my true self for every single decision I make. My true-self had been pushed down from years of abuse, trauma, toxic thought patterns, and living in my head. I choose to live my life with ease, grace, and flow. No more hustle. No more should’s, have to’s, or struggle. Thank you Juan Pablo Barahona, Regan Hillyer. I see you. I love you. I am eternally grateful.”


what is

“wild” leadership?

We have lost our natural gifts somewhere in the trappings of a concrete jungle.


a state of. . .

Full presence
Full power
Full flow
Full instinct

A cheetah acts with absolute certainty. It does not care about the opinion of others. You won’t see it reciting affirmations before it pounces.

An animal knows and does. We feel their majesty.

Wild Leadership means to re-wild yourself… To derive power from a primitive state and apply it in our modern lives!


I’m Called To Help You Embody That RAW Inner Leader!

hola familia,

I’m Juan Pablo Barahona.

(You probably know me as JuanPa!)

My families eyes were opened to failings of conventional wisdom when my brother was cured of epilepsy through alternative healing methods.

At age 17, I lost myself in pursuit of purpose. I sought the guidance of God but was led down a path of substance abuse.

Yet in this darkness I found my light and thus began my leadership journey.

For 20 years, I’ve guided people to embrace their truth, be fully authentic, and stand in their power!

(Because they’re TERRIFIED of dying with their music inside.)

You may have been following me for some time, or you may be new to my work…

Being a leader is not about putting on a brave face and acting tough.

It’s about embodying the confidence to trust your gut when you must make a 3-second decision.

You can act fast. Respond to any situation FAST.

…And you’re always connected to your highest thoughts, emotions, and energy…

Your Purpose EXPLODES Out of You!

Through my training you can…

Be focused and centered on your daily activities

Expand your capacity to receive money doing what you love and living your purpose
Increase your confidence and amplify your inner genius, creativity and trust in who you are and what you are capable of.
Experience ecstatic fulfillment in all your relationships (starting with yourself)!

Society has trained us to constantly apologize…

To dim our lights and mold into their norms and limitations.
To be another brick in the wall.
To strip us of our unique gifts.

That Domestication Gets TRANSFORMED By Stepping Into My Wild Leadership Training In Costa Rica!

You deserve YOUR choice.

I will help you reclaim your authenticity, your inner genius, and your sovereignty.

I teach you the fastest methods to take anything holding you back in everyday life – unprocessed emotions, events, or triggers…

And use them as fuel to ignite your Drive, Inspiration, and Life Purpose!

You WILL be empowered to…

Have more impact
Serve humanity in a bigger way
Embody your inner gifts, inner power, and inner wisdom

…While being authentic and open with people.

If you’re called to awaken humanity in some way, you will receive all of that and so much more!


Circle December 4th – 11th 2019 On Your Calendar…

it’s everything. . .

It’s the complete embodiment of everything that it takes to be a leader so you can stand fully in your truth and inner power and communicate that from a place of deep trust and grace with the people you’re being called to serve.”
Tamara Hume | Transformational Coach | WILD LEADERSHIP TRAINING

Here’s What You Can Expect. . .

At the Wild Leadership Training 2019

This 8-day training at the Imiloa Institute, home-away-from-home for the World’s Leading Masters & Teachers, will deliver all the tools you need to awaken and magnify your leadership.



Daily Leadership Activities With Me, JuanPa.
Welcoming The Day And Sending Off The Night In A Decadent Villa That Reprograms Your Identity For Abundance
An All-Star Lineup of Guest Speakers, Healers, and Divine Musicians


Wow, overflowing with gratitude at this powerful practice, all of you and dear Juan Pablo and Regan for their leadership. Thank you all for welcoming me with open hearts! Love you, familia. Tomorrow – another great Wild Leadership day “

Rebecca Jean | Energetic Archtiect | WILD LEADERSHIP TRAINING

Here Are The Limitless Riches That Await When You Cross The Threshold Into Leadership

Wealth, The Respect & Admiration Of Even Your “Haters”, Abundant Opportunities, Exhilitaring New Memories With Your Family & Friends, Mind-Blowing SEX With Your Partner, And Feeling Like You’re On FIRE Every Day Knowing That You’re Impacting Millions.

Here Are The Limitless Riches That Await When You Cross The Threshold Into Leadership

Wealth, The Respect & Admiration Of Even Your “Haters”, Abundant Opportunities, Exhilitaring New Memories With Your Family & Friends, Mind-Blowing SEX With Your Partner, And Feeling Like You’re On FIRE Every Day Knowing That You’re Impacting Millions.

You are not afraid to win. . .

you just need the roadmap

Success in any realm requires you to push into unfamiliar territory.

So whether it’s hitting a personal weight lifting record, consistently earning $20k more each month, or garnering the respect of your team… it’s uncomfortable!

And it’s common for people to panic and self-sabotage when they’re SO CLOSE to a breakthrough.

It manifests as procrastination.

And your brain repeats this process every time you’re on the cusp of success.

We go deep and release those patterns. Thus you can truly walk the path to greater levels of leadership by…

Rewiring Internal Blocks Into Your Greatest Gifts And Opportunities

Changing negative beliefs is futile.

Yes, I know that you have taken action to shift them, yet…

There is not enough energy in the universe to fully overcome these blocks through thought alone!

You can only do so by EMBODYING your new beliefs.

When we create a new belief that supports your greatest self, you and I wire it into your nervous system…

…In your CORE… your ORGANS!

And cement it as part of who you are on all levels and in ALL ways.

I’m talking your…


emotional spectrum



You’ll Learn. . .

To Tap Into The 5 Key Elements That Increase Your Income!

Once you’re open to these “energy fields”, money will flow into your life.

You’ll manifest…

Financial opportunities truly aligned with your purpose and energy
Sincere soul connections between you and even more clientele
Seamless experiences with clientele who sing your praises
A persona that magnetically attracts wealth where others would least expect it
And revels in your best possible life!

Which you can gift toward others when you…

Become The Unstoppable Version Of Yourself That Impacts More People Without Even Trying

True leaders don’t put on the mask that society tells them to.

Unenlightened society often uses the power of leadership in an egotistical, selfish, and negative way.

You and I open up to life.

We can all experience more wealth, abundance, fortune, fulfilling relationships, and respect.

You will learn how to embody that leader when nobody is looking at your Instagram photos. Once you embody it, it will naturally impact people.


Together, We’ll Develop Your Daily Leadership Activation Plan That You Can Take Home And Implement Any Time

mastery is. . .

calmness within the eye of the hurricane.

Yet mastery of all the traits a leader represents takes practice beyond what you’ll perform at the Wild Leadership Training.

Fortunately, you and I will develop a plan to continually blossom into the best version of yourself.

It contains all the exercises referenced above & below – and more! The most important part is that you do it because you love it, not because you have to!

These exercises align with your goals and natural interests.

And you’ll learn…

Why You MUST Harness Energetic Leadership To Attract And Keep A Hungry Crowd of Fans & Clientele


(Warning: If You Don’t Awaken This, Then No Matter What You Do, No Matter How Many Offers You Put Out, No Matter How Many MILLIONS You Invest Into Amazing Facebook Ads… They Will Fade Away!)

Because your relationship has peaked on an electromagnetic level

Our nervous system produces a scientifically measurable phenomena called Biophotons.

Biophotons consist of 2 types of energy:

Electric Energy – Created in your brain.
Magnetic Energy – Created from your heart.

You can feel the charisma coming off an energy aligned person as they walk past you – “Who was that?!”

People want what you have.


I’ll show you how to upgrade and expand your energy to keep the relationships alive through the Quantum Flow Manifestation Method!

It’s essential learning…

What some people call “woo woo” is the human experience. He’s unapologetically sharing it with everyone.”


i will teach you. . .

Fundamental Techniques To Consistently Upgrade Toward Your Highest Version

(You Can Even Teach Them To Your Clientele, Co-Workers, Friends, and Family!)

I teach you how to be a leader in every way, not only the mind.

No material possession or external circumstance will make you a respected leader!

If you know your powerful inner leader CRAVES the opportunity to…

Host celebrated retreats and workshops
Captivate a room on stage
Move in a way that mystifies and arouses people
Choose life on YOUR terms

I will teach you to live from your soul…

and manifest leadership’s rewards externally!

Let me show you the techniques to empower yourself, empower others, and MULTIPLY the fruits of your labor:


How important is breath?

I’ve dedicated 25 years to perfecting and understanding its impact on who we are! This isn’t another breathing exercise.

This Is The Ultimate Breathe Work Technology.

You cannot find it anywhere else or taught by anyone else because I’ve amassed these secret techniques from teachers, healers, and shamans the world over into a simple breathe work system!

DMT Breathe Work symbolically and literally exhales limiting beliefs and inhales new ideas and wisdom.

You could say…

That’s how genius comes into the world!

Core Awakening

 I will teach you to FULLY command life from your core. 

Trusting your gut has a literal meaning when you engage your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles to become certain in your direction, immovable in your self-belief, and unstoppable in your actions.

Soul Recapitulation

The trauma from past relationships with friends, parents, partners and events becomes a story. This story is repeated wherever we go. 

That’s why we attract the same negative people, conduct ourselves in the same boring manner, and plateau in business.

Now you know why most people walk through life like zombies… 

Soul Recapitulation clears old energy and triggers. If we’re triggered, we take responsibility by asking ourselves, “Why does this bother me?”

Any old story which does not serve you, no matter how…

  • Severe or mild its origin,
  • Trivial you believe it to be,
  • Or ashamed you are to discuss it…

Can be completely cleared at a brain, mind, and nervous system level! And most powerfully…

A SOUL level!

Quantum Flow Movement

You can reach peak performance within 20 minutes.

This is the FASTEST way to release stress from the body. I demonstrate Biohacks that have dozens of benefits such as activating muscles to release fat and place you in optimal flow state.

It is a system that I have perfected over 20 years!

Every level of your being is rewired for the GREATEST leadership codes available to you right now.

You and I discover the practices that you crave every morning. You will fully embody your message and purpose in a way that only you can.

And your senses are dialed up to 11! Think of it like a NEW operating system:

Imagine opening your eyelids and entering flow immediately because you have become wired for success. You have upgraded!

  • Your intuition is precise and results in you achieving goals faster.
  • Your body language is more composed and commands the respect of people holding the keys to financial abundance.
  • Your presence is felt like the heat from a bonfire. Strangers reminisce about you even if you merely smile at them in passing.
  • Your bliss touches its greatest depths through contribution and manifesting. 
  • Your unspoken connection between family and friends compels them to support you in every way possible.

The rewiring begins during our 8 days together and continues daily with 20 minutes of practice.

Multiply Your Mind’s Power By 500%

Humans only use 3% of their brain power. 

As your brain awakens, it extends your capacity to manifest electrical energy, which increases focus and allows attraction through the mind.

This technique is ESSENTIAL when combining the mind’s electrical energy and the electromagnetic energy produced by the heart space.

Together, they express themselves as an infectious charisma and irresistible persuasion which manifests things you hardly believed possible – FASTER than you thought possible!


Achieving Your FULL Potential Through Biohacking

I demonstrate exercises that…

  1. Awaken your core.
  2. Restore organs to their natural state.
  3. Activate dormant parts of your brain.

And combine all 3 to put you in Optimal Flow State for Peak Performance!

Without Embodying Leadership. . .

You Can’t Manifest Your Dream Life…

Your dream life remains trapped as an impulse amidst the chemicals of your brain!

…Food whose flavors explode in your mouth as each morsel slides off the luxurious silverware and onto your tongue…

…Vibrant horizons that melt even the hardest heart and steal your breathe…

…True contentment gazing into the eyes of a starving child receiving nourishment as if to ask, “Are you God?”…

All of life’s good and perfect pleasures derived from your highest service are IMPOSSIBLE to manifest until you embody your inner leader!

What lengths would you go to if you knew you could…

Satiate people starving physically and spiritually?
Educate people seeking a path to a better life?
Hydrate peopling without clean drinking water?

The Universe implores you:

Commit to the embodiment of your inner leader who will lead the charge!

Let me answer your questions. . .

Q) Can I attend the Wild Leadership Training with my partner?


In fact, you WANT your partner to attend because you can upgrade together.

Did you know about these 2 energies?…

Masculine and Feminine.

Masculine energy is concerned with structure and doing.

Feminine energy is creative and spontaneous.

Masculine energy is always in polarity to Feminine energy. As your energy rises with your partner, they meet you where you are.

You burn away all the neediness and dependencies that brings the relationship down because a partner is not standing up for themselves.

If your partner can’t attend, that’s fine too…

You may step up for your partner in a supportive space free of drama. This lets you gain clarity on the bigger picture and what steps you must take to embody that loving, determined, and responsible partner they crave and deserve.

Note: Children are allowed on this retreat (not infants).

Q) Does the Imiloa Institute have any requirements?

Your health and safety is very important to me and the team.

By attending the Wild Leadership Training 2019, you acknowledge that you have comprehensive travel and/or medical insurance.

Q) How do I get to the Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica?

Transportation to the Institute from SJO Airport in Alajuela is covered by us! Any transportation between the facilities on the island is all-inclusive.

Q) Is dining all-inclusive?

YES! I am proud to announce our partnership with The SuperHero Program.

Dr. Gregory Damato (one of our revered guests) draws upon over 15 years of preparing superfood and superherb enhanced Vegan meals. 

His wholesome vegan meals are so good you may cry at the fresh flavors your tastebuds never thought possible. Nourish your organs with shots and elixirs he makes from the Earth’s bounty.

Your Itinerary

During 8 Days In Paradise

Activities include…

Embodying your true purpose
How to fine tune your body for success in every level
Tapping into the dormant parts of your leader
How to bio-hack your mind to access your superconscious mind
How to constantly tap into deeper layers of your intuition

Unleashing and amplifying the power of your core

How to awaken deeper layers of confidence, trust and inner courage

Amplifying the Authentic Powerful speaker within and learning how to incorporate the quantum flow into the keynotes to impact your audience at every level
How to become the version of you that automatically impacts more people
Designing your daily leadership activation plan
Aligning to the frequency of abundance
The 7 leadership portals that most leaders are unaware of
How to rewire your nervous system so you can open to the next frequency of leadership
Use your emotions as tools of manifestation
The specific method to use your body and muscles to tap into the highest levels of energy possible.
Realigning your inner leadership identity
How to overcome the inner resistance of your next levels of leadership
Rewiring internal blocks into your greatest gifts and opportunities

Tapping into the five key elements so you can increase your income

Plus much, much more…

introducing. . .

Your World-Class Line-Up Of Guests

Regan Hillyer

Regan entered millionaire status at age 24. Despite speaking publicly to hundreds at events costing thousands to attend, she stepped away to impact millions!

You will learn the tools Regan uses to embody her multi-million personal brand and live life on her terms. Her motto is “You Absolutely CAN Have It All!”

Dr. Gregory Damato

Nutritionist AND master psychologist, is on a mission to transform people on 4 levels: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Dr. Damato’s regiment ensures all major organs are detoxed. Love & forgiveness are the core of his program to unearth deep-seated emotional trauma and channel it into personal growth.

Marianela Ortiz

A Master Energy Healer whom has been featured in PAPER, VICE, and FIERCE among other publications. She has been blessed to know the Universe’s calling since day #1.

Marienela is real… Perhaps even raw! She communicates her divinations and wisdom in a practical, authentic way.

Gabo Loynaz

Gabriel is a certified sound healer and master in frequencies and music for the awakening of the soul. He is a multi-instrumentalist professional singer that specializes in frequencies to awaken the heart at its purest levels.

You’ve Read This Far Which Means…

You KNOW In Your Gut That You’ve Always Been Called To Embody Your Inner Leader And Impact The World!


1 . Click the big, gold button that says, “Apply NOW To Embody The Leader You Were Born To Be”

2 . Complete the brief inquiry to align with a certified Success Specialist.

3 . The Success Specialist will start a dialogue about your application at the time selected.


Because the deadline is mere months away, it’s critical that our team processes every potential applicant. Therefore, please be available at the time chosen so as to honor each serious applicants’ time.

See you sooner than you think at the Wild Leadership Training 2019!

Much Love Mi Familia,


If you have any calling at all to go, if you’re hearing yourself say, “Yes!”, GO! Don’t put any of those blocks up. There’s no restriction on why you can’t be here.”